Line items and item properties


Hi I have a question here

can line item fields be populated with item property values by selecting item member in a module?


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  • JaredDolich


    yes, you can use SELECT but you would have to hard code the formula. I would suggest a different approach, one that uses the DISCO methodology. For me, I almost always create a SYSTEM module for every list I create, especially if know that list will have properties that I need to lookup. To create a SYSTEM module, create a new module using only the list in the "applies to". Time should be removed. In your planning module that may contain a variety of lists, you can use the LOOKUP function to obtain the property you want. So in your planning module it might look like this: Salary = SYS08 Employees.Salary[LOOKUP: SYS08.EMPLOYEE], where EMPLOYEE is a list formatted line item and SYS08 and your planning module both use the same list in the "applies to". Hope that helps.

    Also, if you have a specific example you want to explore, post it here. Happy to create an example for you! 

    You got this!