What should be the date format for jan-20 while importing in to lists


In the attached source file how to import in to the list with format jan-20 and what should be custom fixed position....


  • Hi @KARTHIK123 ,


    Looks to me that you have chosen the wrong format. From your file, it seems you are trying to import period month, but the configuration you show is for date formatted property. 


    You should change the format of the property to Time Period, Month:


    And the format in the upload should be the month and year without the dash: "Jan 20"



    Then you should be able to map it and load it. There won't be any mapping options at all




    But I also would suggest thinking about loading just the codes in the list and have a module with line items to load the data in. Or if your dimensions always have revenue per month, you might want to make a module dimensioned by "Dimension & Time: Month" and load the data directly in there. 

    You might want to look at this article that is really good for explaining the different types of loads and their impact on performance:



    Hope this helps. 





  • JAN-20 Means jan is month and 20 means date.....we have to import as it is in the csv file....i have followed your process but still iam getting errors

  • @KARTHIK123 ,


    From the previous post, I thought it was a period, not a date. But then I would suggest that you try and update the format in your import file to include all details of the date, like "YYYYMMDD".

    Otherwise, I believe you are losing the year information in the load, and thus the upload fales as you have to specify that from the data itself. 


    Then you wouldn't have any issues mapping it to Anaplan's YYYYMMDD



  • @KARTHIK123 


    Use a custom time period mapping of MMM-YY

    This will ensure Anaplan recognises the first three characters as the month followed by the - and finishing with two characters for the year.



  • Misbah



    I am sure you are already aware of it but still let me say it, Don't load any data into the list especially when there is a time involved. 


    Now to your question: You can have any date format in the source file and the trick is to map it correctly and load it into Modules directly. I would recommend you go thru below best practice article here which coincidentally was written by me. Let me know if it doesn't help