Delta load to Anaplan with informatica cloud(hyper connect)


Is there a provision to load only the change or new data instead of importing the full file to an Anaplan module in using Anaplan/Informatica Hyperconnect?


  • @Shawnm 

    Here's an idea you might try. 

    • Add a line item to your transaction module that contains the last update date and time.
    • In your system module for the transaction keys, calculate the most recent date/time and compare it to each key's date/time
    • For me, I set the age to 2 minutes (120 seconds). That sets a Boolean to TRUE.
    • Run a Delete action on the transaction list using the Boolean from above.

    Here's the blueprint of my system module. Old Transaction? is set to 120 seconds. You can parameterize this or hard code it like I did.


  • @rob_marshall @JaredDolich Thank you for your reply, Is there a way to do this through Informatica Cloud?

  • @Shawnm 


    The easiest way to get through this is to get the correct data from the source, so fix the SQL statement in that it is only giving you the delta records.  Now, I am not sure what the source system is, but many ERPs have or should have a "last modified date" field where you can use that in the WHERE clause. 


    As for Informatica Cloud, I am not an expert, but I would think this would be hard to accomplish as Informatica would have to know (store) the data that was last uploaded and then do a compare and I am not sure Informatica has a storage area.  Again, I am not an Informatica expert, so this very well may be accomplished via Informatica.


    If Informatica can't do accomplish this, follow the methods in the video.