Transform data in existing output module


Dear Community,


I have a case where I need to transform data based on product and customer information. The basic concept is that I have certain product # 1 and that value should be changed for certain customers. 


I have started to investigate if I could have a system module where I specify that product and customers for the product what I want to see in the output module. This is not the optimum solution I know, but in the source data, this is impossible to implement.


My idea was that I can somehow lookup the desired product from the system module, but I got stuck because the system module doesn't have a line item that I want to use. My plan for a system module was that it works only for converting the list value on the output module.


Attached is an excel file where I have illustrated the case in more detail.


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  • MarkWarren
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    I would do this with a line item in your first module, an override that looks up the mapping.
    Something like this:




  • I got your point Mark, thanks for that.


    I didn't implement to the output module. I implemented already the transformation in the data module so the output module is simple without extra logic.