Level 1 Model Building Available in Japanese



We are happy to announce that the Level 1 Model Building training is now available in Japanese.

The training is exemplary, thanks to the tenacious work of Ako Baba, our localization program manager in Tokyo, as well as the Academy team.


Access the Japanese Level 1 Model Building training in the Learning Center. 

Learning Center Preferred Language

If you would like to view the Learning Center page in Japanese, you need to set Japanese as your preferred language in your profile. First, select your profile icon in the top right of the Learning Center, then click on Preferences under the Administration heading. On the left, under User account, click preferred language -> Japanese. Lastly, save changes. To clarify, the text on these pages is only coded to display in Japanese. So, if the learner selects a language preference other than Japanese, they will see the default, English.