Unable to input to grid line items on a new UX page



*All Data is sample data not client data

The above grid is placed on a page in the New UX. I am unable to input to line items such as Term Date Input, Contractor?, Salary Override. There are other grids on this page that have inputable line items that are working appropriately. 


When I view the module in the classic UX I have no issue inputting to these line items as seen below.




I have checked that the versions I am attempting to input to are not calculated via a formula. 

In the card configurations settings I have ensured the 'Allow Editing' setting is enabled.


If anyone can provide a solution or other troubleshooting steps they would be much appreciated.




  • @CommunityMember113621 Brendan, two ideas.

    • Most likely --> Make sure you at the lowest level of the lists in New UX. You won't be able to edit at aggregate levels unless breakback is on.
    • Take a look at the source module in blueprint mode. Scroll over to the DCA drivers. Are they set? I'm guessing not since you can edit in classic but its worth a look.
  • Hi @CommunityMember113621 , @JaredDolich ,


    I may have had the same issue today (happened with 2 separate grids). Seemed to me like a bug of some sort, no DCA on the cell level, Allow editing switched on, and the lowest level of granularity selected.

    In the end, I just went in View designer and republished. After that was again able to input. 


    This was brought to me by one of the end-users, so it wasn't just me no one using the model was able to input anything until republishing. If it happens again will try to rase a case with support. 



  • @CommunityMember113621 One question I forgot to ask is if that happened to a grid you just published or something that had on the page before? Because in my case it was a grid that had been there for months now, working fine up until today.