Mapping error with dates




I'm getting a mapping error with my dates because they are not formatted identically. How can I fix this without going in and mapping each date to one another manually? 


Thank you 


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  • @neg177 !!!!

    How are you? Great question.

    So you'll want to create custom formats for each of those.

    ("8/18/2020") use ??M-D-Y??

    and for 10/2/1010 use M-D-??Y


    Screenshots below!






  • neg177

    I'm well thank you for asking. I hope you are as well. 


    It doesn't take me to that Custom Mapping option like it sometimes does. Just takes me to the option to manually map the dates. 

  • @neg177 

    Are you importing into a module or a list? If it's a module you should get that date format option. Also, are you using the model calendar or a fake calendar? If it's a fake calendar, you'll have to bring the date in as TEXT then format it and convert to a date.  If it's a list, you're probably loading into a list property. If that's the case, I'd like to encourage you not to use list properties, a topic we can certainly discuss. Instead try to create a system module and load the properties there. The biggest benefit is that you can perform formulas on your properties as use them with LOOKUP and SUM. Calculate once, refer often.

    If I'm way off, send me some more detail about what you're loading this data into. I'll get you to the finish line.