Error when importing a list where parent name = child name




I'm facing the error "New property combination found but name or code already exists" when importing a list where the parent name is equal to the child name, but with different codes. I've attached an example using a hypothetical Region->Country-> Location sharing the same names within all levels and the error presented. 

Does anyone know how to load the lists with the parent assignments in this scenario?




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  • rob_marshall



    Change the list to be a numbered list and this should clear it up.  So on a regular list, you cannot have duplicate names like Test, even if they are in different levels of the composite list.  Again, the best way is to make the composite list a numbered list.




  • @rob_marshall 

    Thanks Rob, I've changed the lists to a numbered list and worked. 

    Meanwhile we tried another option, to run the list load separate in two steps:

    1 - Load the child list assigning the source "code" field for both Name and Code target fields, and leaving parent without assignment;

    2 - Reload the child list, but now assigning the code, parent and name correctly.

    This way we are able to load, bypassing the duplicate names validation. Do you know why this two step load worked? 




  • @menegasso 


    To be honest, I am not sure why that worked, but that seems like a very odd process.  Back in the day, not sure if it has been fixed, you were able to add members with the same name (Test) manually, but it would not work if it was automated.  The numbered list is the best way to solving your query because you could run into pitfalls down the road with your work around.  One pitfall is using Finditem() as it looks at the name of the list member first, and then the code.  In this case, it could give you the wrong Test member.



  • @rob_marshall 

    Got it, thanks for your help!

  • Hi Rob
    I am facing the same issue.
    If I have four levels (4 lists) in a composite hierarchy, do I need to mark all levels as numbered lists or only marking the top level as numbered lists work?
    Also another challenge is this warning.
    "Numbered lists cannot contain totals. Converting to a numbered list will remove any summary items (except for the top-level item)."
    If I have a product hierarchy with Category > Market > Brand > Format > Packsize
    then I will not be able to have total at all levels. Right?