L2 Sprint 1 G2 import from SYS06

I am trying to import SYS06 data into the G2 Country List.  I have reloaded my Country flat list.  When I ran the import this is the result I got:




Best Answer

  • @LStinsa 

    in your picture, the Region line item is blank.  If you fix that, and use that as the parent, just rerun the action and it will work.




  • @LStinsa 


    You need to make sure the parent is defined in the source view and then map that in the action.



  • @rob_marshall 

    Thank you for the suggestion.  

    This is the mapping I have in G2.  I think I need to delete the data in G2 and then re import it, but I think I"m going to have the same issue.





  • Thank you!  I re imported the data into SYS06 and that fixed the problem.