Data not showing on Field

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Hi All,

I developed dynamic budget comparison report. Based on the selected Version, and Versions Settings module my budget comparison module is populated. Since line items in the report are generic like PY Budget, Budget+1, Budget +2, on additional insights panel I want to display for example FY23, FY24 etc. Unfortunately, it does not work completely when using Fields. It is just fine when I publish a grid. Is there any reason for that? Did anyone experience it and know a workaround? FY23 and FY24 are outside of Model Calendar, so that is the only reason I can think of, but why would it work with Grid and not Field? I would prefer to use Field, it looks much nicer.





  • Are field cards not designed to facilitate data input?

    Do the line items LOOKUP the second table?

  • @filip.sypniewski 

    I tried it and found that if it works with grid it works with field also, but if its outside your model calendar then it also doesn't work with grid also.