Building a Center of Excellence

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Standing up a Center of Excellence is complex. There are many decisions to be made. Here are some of the materials to help get a basic understanding of building a CoE that are part of our CoE Success Accelerator Workshop.

What is a Success Accelerator Workshop?

Anaplan offers targeted workshops, Success Accelerators, which will enable you with the skills and tools you need to succeed with speed. Anaplan product experts will help you build a prescriptive plan tailored to your specific needs and we will run the first mile together, so you feel confident executing against the plan.
The Success Accelerator workshop is comprised of three phases; Learn, Strategize, and Plan. At the end of the workshop you will have a deep understanding of the components that are required to set up and run your internal Anaplan capability. For more information on pricing and scheduling please contact your Customer Success Business Partner.

On-Demand Modules

Reviewing these modules (plus the workbook) on your own will give you a good feel for the CoE building process. As you review these items please keep in mind this is not an end-to-end training program, but is more of an introduction to the elements and topics you will need to consider when building a CoE.

We recommend progressing through in the following order:

On-demand: Governance and Ownership (8:00)

On-demand: Establishing a Governing Body (2:47)

Workbook: Sections 1 & 2

On-demand: Maintenance and Enhancements (5:30)

On-demand: New Model Requests (3:54)

Workbook: Sections 3 & 4 

On-demand: Roles and Team Structure (12:36)

Workbook: Sections 5 & 6

Read community article: Topics > Importing and Exporting Data > Shared Best Practices > Building a Data Hub 

Workbook: Sections 7 & 8

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