Exporting internal link to Views



I want to understand if an export can be linked to a saved view so I did the following test:

  • Create a view and save it
  • Create an export just after based on that view
  • Delete that view
  • Run the export

The export still works. I understand this means that an export is not linked to a visible named view, but to some type shadow view that gets saved when the export is created and that cannot be manipulated afterwards. Is that correct?



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Re: Exporting internal link to Views

HI @paolovm ,


You can save an export definition from a saved view but if you change your saved view it won't update the export. The export is tied to the view that you had at that point in time, irrespective of whether the view is saved or not. If there's a filter on the saved view, the filter will get reflected on the export, but you can't change the filter.


Have a look at the below link,



Hope this clarifies your doubt!!







Re: Exporting internal link to Views

Thanks for that @kavinkumar 


This behaves exactly as I was thinking at time of writing the post, but was not obvious to get to that conclusion. Only extra remark I would make is that it would be a super useful functionality if Anaplan allowed to link those export processes to saved views. Its feels much easier to change an export definition through a saved view rather than having to recreate it when you perceive a gap (ex. wrong filter).


Re: Exporting internal link to Views

Hi @paolovm and @kavinkumar ,


Got to know something new from this post about Anaplan Exports.


A good learning in the morning..!


Thank you..!