ANAPLAN CONNECT - Password update request

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ANAPLAN CONNECT - Password update request


We have 20 scripts for ANAPLAN connect, and they each contain a user logon and password.

set AnaplanUser="username:password"

There are 2 questions.

1) Can the password be hidden in the script, as anyone can edit a script and see it?

2) When ANAPLAN insists on a password change, all the scripts stop running, this can lead to potential problems if we have overnight jobs and the person whose logon is in the scripts is not available to update their password and all of the scripts. Can we create a userlogon that does not insist on changing password periodcially? 


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Re: ANAPLAN CONNECT - Password update request



We can use a certificate instead of embedding credentials.  Certificantes give you 1 year without a need for update. 


A certificate is probably better than embedding credentials anyway.


Here's the Anapediate link for certificates:





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Re: ANAPLAN CONNECT - Password update request

Hi @DeveloperCYT,

What @PaulRitner said is the best possible solution if you have more scripts and it will be a tedious task for you to enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD once it has expired, on all 20 scripts.


Now, there is a little tweak you can add to @PaulRitner suggestion. 


1) Create an organisation level email ID in the name of ''

2) Give '' access to the model and set respective access.

3) Now, download the certificate under this username and set it in your scripts.

The reason behind this logic is that, if a resource does leave the organisation, you may have to transfer those respective scripts username and password to a new user who would replace him. Instead, your integration account will never be replaced but he will only be overseen by the person responsible for it.


Let us know if this works out for you.