Anaplan front-end language

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Anaplan front-end language

Hi, I read that Anaplan language is browser-based but I changed my browser language to Spanish and I still see it in English... is there any additional step I missed? Thanks!

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Re: Anaplan front-end language

Hi @vickyaladro,


I just tested myself. I changed the browser language from English to Polish in Google Chrome settings -> closed the browser and opened it again (if it does not work, I would also check with keyboard settings).


Now, in Anaplan, certain parts are in Polish, the only odd thing is that "Run" button is never translated.. I know from colleagues from Spanish office that it's the same for them.

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Re: Anaplan front-end language



Currently, Anaplan only exists in English. When I say Anaplan I mean the menus, buttons, right clic,pop ups.

Of course you can create your content (dashboard and pages elements ) in any language you want.

Nathan Rudman, Anaplan Model Builder