Automated Email Trigger

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Automated Email Trigger


Is it possible to trigger automated mails/notifications from Anaplan to users based on project stages. 

So if a particular Project X has moved from stage 1 to stage 2, there should be a mail that needs to be sent out to the manager managing the project X. 

Is the above possible, currently I have followed a manual process, where user who moves the project from stage 1 to stage 2 has a 'MAILTO' option that notifies the manager, can this process be automated without the user sending the mail ?

Can this be achieved using workflow ? If so can someone please explain how ? Because workflow are linked to a list (Stage list) not the module which defines which stage is linked to which project and the respective manager of the project




I don't think we have any native feature in Anaplan that achieves that, however see if this helps



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To @Misbah's point, there is no native capability today to "monitor" a particular data field for a change and send a notification to someone as a result.


However, when the driver of the notification is a result of a manual change to data (like it is in your case), it usually fits well to leverage the Notify action in Anaplan to have a better user experience to sending someone a notification. Note that you can either have the recipient(s) hard-coded into the action definition, or even have the recipient be driven by module data. The notification that gets sent out can include a link to a specific page (with the correct page selectors) to make it easier for the recipient to take action immediately.