Baseline Forecast in DEM03 Demand Forecast Module is 0 - Level 2 Model Building

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Baseline Forecast in DEM03 Demand Forecast Module is 0 - Level 2 Model Building

I feel like my formula is correct but for some reason I am only seeing zeroes as values in the DEM03 Demand Forecast module. Is this an issue with the DATA03 Historic Volumes module?




To my understanding, the values in Baseline Forecast should be the volume values from FY 19. Does anybody know where I am going wrong? 


Here is what my DAT03 Historic Volumes module looks like:




Any help on this would be great!




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Hello @ethanmgomes 

Which FY (year) is this baseline forecast for? It's for FY20 Correct?
The offset formula which you wrote correctly, basically translates to "The value now equals the value at the same time last year". Since your first year with value is FY19 then the formula won't have values for any years FY19 +1
Check the values for FY20, that's your base year..

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Hi Einas,


That makes sense. I'm glad I have that part correct.


My main issue is in DEM03 Demand Forecast, I cant figure out how to bring the baseline forecast values for FY19 (Historic Volumes) to my current module.





The way I understand it, my formula is checking if the current week/year (Week 1 FY20) is a forecast year, and if that is true, then pull the offset volumes from my historic volumes module.  However, I only see zeroes in my baseline forecast line item, where I should be seeing the past volumes from FY19.


I'm not sure what I'm missing.