Better Formula Editor for Anaplan; A new Chrome Extension


Better Formula Editor for Anaplan; A new Chrome Extension

Hello all, and happy holidays!

I have made a Google Chrome extension that enhances Anaplan formula editing by using the Monaco editor. This is the editor used by Anaplan's new modelling experience. My extension works with this new experience adding enhancements over and above what Anaplan have done. It also works with the current/old formula editing experience; it's best in the new experience though.

Details below:

  • Formula Validation: Various checks are performed on formulas including simple things like ensuring all entities are named / referenced correctly or ensuring the correct data types are used throughout the formula, through to things like checking for dimension miss-matches when referring to line items with different dimensions.
  • Hover Information: You can hover your mouse over most elements of a formula to get contextual information, for example hovering over line items shows their dimensions and data type and hovering over function names to get information about that function.
  • Code Completion: As you are typing the editor will offer auto-complete suggestions for things like line items within the current module, fully qualified line items within other modules, function names etc.
  • Function Information: When completing functions with parentheses you get popup contextual information relating to the parameters of the function together with an explanation of both the function and the parameters.

The extension is under active development; currently next on the list is intelligent autocomplete suggestions for lookups required when referencing line items with different dimensions. Something like suggesting "LOOKUP: PROP C10 ItemCustomer.P6 Item" when pressing "[" after a relevant line item.

Please let me know what you think; I'm very open to further ideas!