Cloudworks API integartions

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Cloudworks API integartions

Hi Guys


Has anyone implemented a new Cloudworks API ?


Here is a scenario 


I have a process that has 2 imports call it Process A

1- imports list items

2- imports monthly data(measures) related to list items 


when I am setting up my cloud works  integration I am not getting an option for selecting a process just imports actions 



  1. Process A has 2 imports even though it is one integration point. Will Cloudworks count it as 2 integrations? ( please note that there is a limit of 25 integrations per tenant) 
  2. Is this typically how you setup cloud works imports? or there is a better way ?








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Re: Cloudworks API integartions


That is correct. This is to keep you from exceeding the 25 action limit. If you get to use processes you can technically exceed that.  to get more actions you'll need to get additional licenses.

Some other things I learned:

  • Getting things set up with AWS permissions is the time consuming part.
  • Name files with .csv
  • Export and Import file names have to be different
  • Integrations are likely to be numerous so naming convention is important
  • 25 integration limit then pay as you go
  • No processes can be run, only actions
  • cannot do model to model yet
  • Integrations can be scheduled but once scheduled you cannot run it manually

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Re: Cloudworks API integartions

Cheers Jared

Always helpful