Consolidation of P&L

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Consolidation of P&L


I am sure this is very basic but much appreciate any advice. 


I need to consolidate 2 P&L say Entity A and Entity B. Assuming both P&Ls are in 2 different modules (Module A and B) and both have different P&L line items.  Module C is the consolidated module. I need to bring A and B onto C's P&L (assuming all 3 P&L line items are different, so A and B need to be mapped to C's P&L line items). In module C, I would like to see Entity A, B and Consolidated P&L. 

How do I go about doing that? I am stuck cos if I set up entities as a List, I cant bring in the P&L of A and B from different modules cos the formula will apply to just 1 module. Thank you. 


Re: Consolidation of P&L


Not super sure whether i understood question completely or not.

My suggestion would be create one Entity list -> Use Subsets for Entity A, Entity B, Another Subset with both together or complete Entity itself

By doing this all modules will have same dimension -> Entity, Different P&L items.

U can add different P&L items into consolidated module and can refer data from Module A, B by direct reference

You can manage updating subset by using import actions