Copy data from one month of Current Year to all the months of Future Year

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Copy data from one month of Current Year to all the months of Future Year

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i would like to copy the data from sept 2020 to jan2021 -dec,2021 for Budget version and take May,2021 data and copy to Jun,2021 -Dec, 2021 for forecast version. Any suggestions to achieve this.

Sept 2020    Jan 2021.....March  2021....Dec 2021

20     --              20               20                     20



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You need to create a logic for the number of months to be identified for each version. Once that is done you will have to push the numbers from the source month to the target months by Using PREVIOUS function and Finally you can import the numbers.



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You can set up a System Module which sets the month you would like to allocate the values to 


Once this is set up, it is a simple LOOKUP to get the values to a staging line item, which can be used as a source for an import action to prefill the values for the months shown


Here is the blueprint for the forecast module





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Hello @Austinv 

Thank you so much for the reply. Sorry @SriNitya   is on leave and could not reply. We have tried this in our POC model and it has worked very well.


If you can help us with another step to automate this


Instead  of manually selecting which month will be used for budget/forecast for all 12 months, we would like to create a module and to select the month which will be used and it will get copied. any suggestions to achieve this?

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Apologies for the late reply. I need more clarification on the requirement before I can answer. Is the request that you want the selection of the months to be formula based so you do not need to manually set it?