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Function to determine if a list item belongs to a subset of the list

I'm trying to build an exception module to check that all items in a particular list with a particular property residing in another module belongs to a subset in the list. Is there any function like ISSUBSETOF(x) to determine if a particular item in a list belongs to a subset of the list? To illustrate, in a List called Products, there are many properties and among which, there are two Boolean properties: Managed Product and Sector Specific Product. The Product List also contains a subset called Strategic Sales Products that groups all the products with both properties being TRUE. The property is being updated once 6 months and I want to build a module to identify if there are items within the list with both property being true and is not defined in the subset.

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RE: Function to determine if a list item belongs to a subset of the list

Hi, Define List: Products Properties:
  • Managed Product    (Boolean)
  • Sector Specific Product   (Boolean)
  • Strategic Sales Products
Define Module: SSP Transfer Applies to: Products Define Line Item: Old SSP Date Type: Boolean Formula: NOT ISBLANK(FINDITEM(Strategic Sales Products, NAME(ITEM(Products)))) Define Line Item: New SSP Date Type: Boolean Formula: Products.Managed Product AND Products.Sector Specific Product Define Line Item: Transfer Date Type: Number Formula: IF Old SSP THEN IF New SSP THEN 0 ELSE -1 ELSE IF New SSP THEN 1 ELSE 0 Old SPP is what you're looking for. Alternatively, each update cycle you can import into the Products List from the Transfer Module. You use New SPP as your source and SSP Subset as your Target. Hope this helps. Jack