Incremental data export to interface (informatica)

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Incremental data export to interface (informatica)

Hi All - I am looking for design suggestions to below the following use case. Please guide me . Thanks


1. We have a module for employee - role mapping (1:M)  

2. Planners have an option to change employee role (add / delete) 

3. There are other downstream systems looking for modified employee -role mapping data. Hence, the expectation is to send the data to our interface(Informatica) in near real time

4. I need to send both old role and new role details. Again, the expectation is to send only the employees for which mapping have been altered 


Please guide me. Thanks.



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I'd do this over time dimension.
Role can be overridden and if so, it becomes the new roles (IF isnotblank(override) THEN override else previous(role) ) . System always export the latest month. You can detect a change with PREVIOUS(role) <> Role

Nathan Rudman, Anaplan Model Builder
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Thanks Nathan. Please advice the purpose of time dimension 

Going by the suggestion just excluding time dimension, Can I not achieve the same result with  3 line items : role , new role and overridden (role <> newrole) boolean. 


In export process

1. Exports only items where overridden = true. 

2. Replace role with new role which will eventually reset overridden flag to false for all items and ready for next set of the changes   




Take a look at this course which speaks to Delta Load processing.