Is there a limit for parallel processes

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Is there a limit for parallel processes

Hi Community members,


I am using Anaplan Connect v2.0 to import/export data in Anaplan. I would like to understand whether Anaplan allows multiple processes to run at the same time, or is there is any limit that it can run only one or a few at any given point of time?


Any documentation link which I can refer for it, will be helpful as well.




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Re: Is there a limit for parallel processes



Technically, you can run multiple processes at once, but individual actions executed as parts of these processes always execute one by one. I think this page might be helpful to understand it:

Generally, Anaplan processes all incoming data transaction-by-transaction, so you can't have two imports/inputs running at the same time – if you start them at the same time, Anaplan will execute the one that arrived first, and queue the second one. However, multiple users can read at the same time (or read during someone else is running an export action).