Issue with numbers as text

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Re: Issue with numbers as text

Hi @alismith 


Another workaround for your problem is to import the value directly into text formatted line item.

1. Save the view with two line item (make sure remove parent if any in your hierarchy)

2. create new import action.




Hope this helps!






Re: Issue with numbers as text

Thanks for the tips guys


I actually thought of a solution myself, that gives me the decimals I wanted.


basically, I take the number i want, say  1,234,567,890.123 tale away a rounded to zero version,  leaving 0.123


I then do as @Akhtar.shahbaz suggested using the text version of the numbered rounded to zero .  and then to add in the decimals i make a text version of it, shortening it by the len-1 of the string.


A bit convoluted but it seems to work, and can work for any number of decimals.  you just modify the first round function to be the number you want.  And you need the Round of the two rounded functions, otherwise anaplan doesn't do the sum correctly 

solution 1.jpg

solution 1a.jpg