Level 3 Sprint 2 - Account Exceptions UX instructions

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Level 3 Sprint 2 - Account Exceptions UX instructions


I have created Accounts Exceptions UX Dashboard as required and data is in sync with what was in Level 3 - Sprint 2 - '4.5 Check your build' - (Screenshot attached)


Further instructions are as below:

After verifying the functionality of the Account Exceptions UX, use the Assign Action to update the Account to Territory assignments: 

  • Assign Chocolatemm to US Central Territory
  • Unassign Candyose from the US Central Territory (keep the ME North territory assignment) 


After making these further changes, all the exceptions were cleared and don't see any unassigned/mismatched/over assigned Accounts. 


Can you please suggest if I am missing any other instructions? I went through all the use cases multiple times but could not find any further instructions. 


further instructions.PNGCheck your build.PNG