Migration to new SKU code

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Migration to new SKU code

Hi All,


One of my client is under IT systems restructuring and migrating to new ERP system. Because of that the SKU codes for ~6000 SKUs will change to 18 digit in a couple of month. In Anaplan we currently have old codes for SKU and there is another numbered list of SKU-Customer combination code of around ~100000. 


What is the best way to undertake such kind of migration to new codes without losing the data we currently have.It is important to note that there is some data which is manually entered against an SKU and client wants to retain that information when migrating to new codes


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Re: Migration to new SKU code

Hi @gthakur ,


I have recreated the case with an example that you can follow (it works for both non-numbered and numbered lists):


In a module wih SKU as dimension, you need to have the Line Items NAME, CODE, NEW CODE (in which you add the necessary 0s);

than save the view applying a filter on SKUs only (no parents);

in the SKU list, import from this saved view, mapping the CODE with the line item NEW CODE and select as "items uniquely identified by:" NAME ONLY;

run the action.

(find the screenshots attached)

In this way you will only replace the codes without creating new items or erasing any data. Anyway, I suggest to create a backup copy of the model before doing this process.


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Re: Migration to new SKU code

Hi @a.dilieto ,


It worked like a charm. For numbered list you can't select name for unique identifier but I selected uniquely identified by combination of properties and then Display Name and it worked without any issues. Thanks a lot.

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Re: Migration to new SKU code



Reponse given by @a.dilieto  should work. Great @a.dilieto . 


Few things I would like to highlight although they are obvious in this case: 

1. Names of the SKU's don't change during the transition

2. Here it was shown adding preceding zeroes' to the codes but you may have codes which are not formed like that. So you may want to pass an attribute of New Code along with Previous Code. But the overall process remains same