Order List Action

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Order List Action


We can use "order list Action" to sort the list but the sorting is possible if line items are formatted by Number and Text.

Is there any way that we can sort the list by the line item which is formatted by date by using "Order list Action".


Kindly resolve this question soon.




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Re: Order List Action

Hi Shirisha,


What you can do is create an additional line item which uses the RANK formula to assign a number to each date (see RANK formula info below)



Once you have done that, you can leverage the number formatted line item in your "Order List" action (see screenshots below)







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Re: Order List Action

In a client model, we are bringing in the current date via anaplan connect every morning. They already were using a formula to calculate the difference between the current date and the date on the record which returns a number. If you happen to be bringing in the date it's an efficient formula.