Simple seasonalization question

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Simple seasonalization question

I am having trouble interpreting Anapedia's Time Aggregation functionality which states that:

X = YEARVALUE(Y) * Seasonality%

Will allocate Y according to a seasonality percentage (not shown).


I have the following simple example with three modules:
Annual sales by product group and employee
Seasonal percentages by product group

Monthly sales by product group and employee


Module: Annual sales

Page:  Product group, Employee

Line item:  Annual sales

Columns: Time (Time scale has been set to Year; calendar type Calendar month/quarter/year used)


Module: SeasonalPercentages

Page:  Product group

Line item: SeasonalPercent

Columns: Time (Time scale has been set to month)


Module: MonthlySales

Pages:  Product group, Employee name

Line item:  Monthly sales

Columns: Time (Time scale has been set to month)


My question:  What is the correct formula for line item Monthly sales?

Recognizing that the employee does not affect sales seasonality, my first cut is as follows:

AnnualSales.Annual Sales * SeasonalPercentages.MonthlyPercent


An Excel spreadsheet with a visual example of this issue is attached.






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Re: Simple seasonalization question

Hi @rmcgaffic 


It should be:

Month Sales.Monthly sales = YEARVALUE(Annual Sales.annual sales) * Seasonal Percentage.SeasonalPercent





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Re: Simple seasonalization question

Perfect! Thanks for your help.