Version Selection


Version Selection

Hi Experts,


In page selector

When i select Version selection.The following periods need to show remaining periods are hide

Version is actual then i show previous 6 months actual periods non-editable

Version is forecaste then current period to end of the  with in the year data.

Version is Budget then next year all periods budget data.

Version is plan then next 3year stragic plan data.


I am trying to meet these requirement by using line item subset but i cant meet the exact requirement.


in version dimension we didnt maintained any switchover periods.Is it possible without using switchoverperiod we can lock actual periods?


Can u please suggest me how to meet the above requirement.




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Re: Version Selection





Ok, this is going to be a long one, but I think this will accomplish what you are wanting.  Now, if you used the switchover date, it would be easier, but since you are using that, this is what I have for you.


In the Time Filter Module you created a couple of posts ago, create the following line items with the associated formulas, all formatted as Boolean:

  • Actual FIlter: ITEM(Time) >= PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART()) - 4 AND ITEM(Time) <= PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART()) where 4 is the number of prior months.  You said 6, but I substituted 4 as my time settings are different than yours.
  • Budget FIlter: YEAR(ITEM(Time)) = YEAR(CURRENTPERIODSTART()) + 1

Plan FIlter: YEAR(ITEM(Time)) >= YEAR(CURRENTPERIODSTART()) + 1 AND YEAR(ITEM(Time)) <= YEAR(CURRENTPERIODSTART()) + 32019-02-04_10-55-44.png

Create a Fake Versions list with the following members: Actual, Budget, Forecast, Plan



Create a Version Mapping module that maps the Fake Versions to the Real Versions and fill in the Line item values to the corresponding "Real" Versions"2019-02-04_10-59-37.png


Create a Time by Version Filter module which is dimensionalized by Time and Versions, with one line item: Filter.  The formula for the Filter is:  IF Version Mapping.Fake Versions = Fake Versions.Actual THEN Time Filter.Actual FIlter ELSE IF Version Mapping.Fake Versions = Fake Versions.Budget THEN Time Filter.Budget Filter ELSE IF Version Mapping.Fake Versions = Fake Versions.Forecast THEN Time Filter.Forecast Filter ELSE Time Filter.Plan Filter


If you want the Quarters and FY to render as well, you will need to change the summary to ANY.


***Note - I don't like the formula because it is hardcoded, but that is the best I have right now 



Now, in your Data module which is dimensinalized by Versions, I have different data for each Version2019-02-04_11-04-42.png


I apply the filter to the module.  Note, the Time list has to be in the either the Rows or Columns and not in the Page Axis.2019-02-04_11-05-37.png



Now, only the months show up for the correct Version:








As for locking or making Actuals to be read only, I would review the documentation on DCA (Dynamic Cell Access).  With that said, you can create a module, called Access Control Versions which is dimensionalized by Versions having two line items: Read and Write with both being formatted as Booleans.  I used a formula for Write (Not Read) but you don't have to.



Back in your Data module, in the Blueprint, scroll to the right and select you DCA Access Read line item for Read and the Write for the Write DCA.


Now, your Actuals are Read Only or locked2019-02-04_11-17-24.png

While your other versions are not locked




Hope this helps,







Re: Version Selection

Hi Rob,


Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions.Thats really helpful for me.

Its working fine.