Releasing the Anaplan Add-in for Excel 4.0

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1000 side-view-of-young-businesswoman-working-on-her-project-picture-id1166371279 (1).jpgThe Anaplan Add-in for Excel is key for many Anaplan users, helping their business processes for reporting and ad-hoc analysis. We’ve made it even easier to take advantage of the Excel Add-in, with a seamless experience from installation to support. Version 4.0 makes it easier for anyone to install and upgrade the Excel Add-in, access the right information at the right time, and work more efficiently.

It's a great tool for a lot of users who are familiar and use the Excel program and complements Anaplan well.

Enhanced User Experience

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The first thing many users will notice about the Excel Add-in 4.0 are the new, simplified ribbon icons that make it easier to find the right functionality. The "send and refresh" button for a read/write connection can also be found in the ribbon. These ribbon icons are also accessible across any of the Microsoft Office themes, including Dark Gray, Black, or White.

Simplified Access to the Information Users Need

The new Add-in Help feature allows users to access relevant pages on Community and Anapedia. This allows users to easily find answers to any Excel Add-in questions from our user guide, information page, best practices, or forum. For additional questions, users can receive dedicated Anaplan support using the Email Support button. It's a convenient way to automatically generate an email that contains pre-populated information and a set of questions to answer that will help resolve tickets faster. We are continuously working on enhancements to the Excel Add-in based on critical user feedback, so we’ve made it even easier for users to share their thoughts with us. Use the Feedback button to access a direct link with the product team.

The pre-populated email and the technical information added to the "about" model will greatly facilitate the investigation of the support tickets raised by our customers — Anaplan support analyst

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Upgrade Seamlessly From One Version to Another

We regularly release new versions of the Excel Add-in with new functionalities. We've made it easier to discover new functionalities, upgrade to the next version, and convert existing workbooks to the new version without any downtime. The Excel Add-in 4.0 will be rolled out in phasesfirst via the feedback group, then it will be available for download on Anapedia and finally via the upgrade notification in the add-in itself if you are using 3.1 or above. This will enable model builders to test out the new version first before rolling it out to their other users, in line with this idea. The installation of the Excel Add-in 4.0 is effortless, with a redesigned wizard available in .exe and .msi formats to fit with any company policy. The installer guides users throughout the entire install process and checks that you have all the pre-requisites before installing.Installer.gif

Users can access the Excel Add-in by signing in using SSO or email/password authentication directly as per this idea. This is particularly useful for partners regularly switching between the two authentication methods for multiple customers or for users who may have entered an incorrect URL.

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In addition, all existing workbooks will be converted safely to the new Excel Add-in 4.0. From there, users can exchange files with colleagues who use any other 4.x version without any risk of corruption: the files are now compatible with other 4.x versions. The Excel Add-in 4.0 is robust and reliable so users can confidently upgrade to the new version.


When the next version of the Excel Add-in is available, users will see a red dot in the ribbon. Check out the What’s New section to install it and learn about the new functionalities.

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Flexible Connections

Users can easily remap connections from development models or workspaces to production in just a few clicks. This new functionality is based on these three ideas: 1, 2, and 3.


More about the Excel Add-in:

Other Useful Information:

  • To check which version you are currently on, check the “Help” and then “About” section of the Anaplan ribbon in Excel.
  • The pre-requisites have not changed compared to the previous version. We also continue to support the same versions of Windows and Microsoft Office. Learn more about prerequisites and system requirements.
  • If you manually turned off the read/write connections, please contact Anaplan Support before upgrading.
  • Excel Add-in 2.6 and 3.0 have been deprecated. Please upgrade to any of version 3.1 to 3.4 before upgrading to Excel Add-in 4.0 and refer to this page for more information.

Thanks to Anaplan employees, partners, and customers who contributed to these enhancements and provided valuable feedback. As a product team, we are pleased to partner closely with you to shape the Excel Add-in experience.

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