Add-Ins - Quickly Edit/Amend connections

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Add-Ins - Quickly Edit/Amend connections

As a model builder/user I would like to be able to quickly amend my connections so that they can easily be re-pointed  to different Workspaces and Models.


I will know that this is successful when I will be able to quickly change my connections and re-point to different workspace and models, perhaps with a functionality similar to what's available to re-point pages in the New UX.


Optionally it would be good if the Clone button had a 2nd option that could prompt users to select/confirm the required information (potentially up to module/view level) 



Cases where this functionality could be particularly helpful :

1) Excel add-in where data reconciliation need to be executed on temporary development models and for which connectivity details need to be amended. This will save from time in re-creating the connections from scratch.  

2) When cloning a connection/tab in Add-In and for which the only difference between one tab and the other is the referenced model/workspace but where the underlying metadata is exactly the same (eg same query on multiple deployed models).  

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This is the same idea as this one and I am pleased to confirm it is on our roadmap

Status changed to: On Roadmap
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Hi! Thanks for point this out, I couldn't find it while creating this one glad to hear it's already on the roadmap! I have upvoted the one you linked 👍 

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If you would like to see prototypes of this idea, join our add-in feedback group and sign up to a session about the future Excel add-in 4.0.

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Check out what's new in Excel Add-in 4.0


Please note you can only do one connection at a time. If you are interested in multiple connections at once, then either raise a new idea or let me know and I will change back the status of this idea to "Needs Community support"

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