How To Convert Infinity, -Infinity, NaN to Zero Value

Sometimes in the numeric formatted cells, as a result of various calculations, it is possible to have returned as a result the Anaplan special numbers: Infinity, -Infinity, or NaN (Not a Number).

If the numeric line item with this issue is also an input for other formulas, the final result could be altered. To solve this issue a solution is to convert these Anaplan special numbers in zero values.

Convert Infinity and -Infinity: 

First thing is to have calculated the "Infinity" value in a system module without any lists.

This can be achieved in different ways by applying one of the formulas in a numeric formatted line-item: DIVIDE(1,0) or VALUE("Infinity").


Then it can be applied, in sequence, to the following Anaplan functions:

  1. Convert numeric line-item in positive number  (function: ABS). 
  2. Compare the result in Step 1 if it is NOT equal with the Infinity value calculated in the system module
  3. If TRUE then consider the numeric value, ELSE consider 0

Example: IF ABS(Value num) <> 'SY00 Params'.'Val. Infinity' THEN Value num ELSE 0

Note: ABS function is useful to solve in one comparison both Infinity (positive) and -Infinity (negative)


Convert NaN: Apply in sequence the following Anaplan functions/statements:

  1. Convert numeric line-item in positive number  (function: ABS)
  2. Compare result Step 1 if it is greater or equal with zero. NaN value will return false.
  3. Consider the initial value of the line-item if Step 1 is greater or equal with zero else consider zero (on ELSE the NaN will be converted to zero).

Example: IF ABS(Value num) >= 0 THEN Value num ELSE 0


 - ABS function is useful to solve in one comparison both positive and negative numbers

 - NaN=NaN, NaN>=0, NaN<=0 comparisons will always return FALSE. This is why it is needed to check with zero the numeric values. 


The content in this article has not been evaluated for all Anaplan implementations and may not be recommended for your specific situation.
Please consult your internal administrators prior to applying any of the ideas or steps in this article.

Thanks for sharing. This is a great hack / help 🙂



Thanks for this. I have seen this problem in one particular module in one particular model. I will see about implementing this.

Hi @alexpavel,


I like your solution if you want to exclude NaNs OR infinities. However, if you want to zero both NaNs AND infinities, I prefer less complicated (just one simple IF, no SYS modules) solution: 

IF Value * 0 = 0 THEN Value ELSE 0



Here I utilize properties of multiplication by 0. "Normal" numbers give 0, but NaN and infinities times 0 are NaN.


@M.Kierepka Thanks for your tip!.

  I like your solution too..Indeed multiplying Infinity, -Infinity with zero will return NaN...and then comparing with zero arrive at the same result 🙂




Nice hack.  Will use this in future.

One callout. If you want to reference "Infinity" in the formula just remember to have a clause for "-Infinity" as well. that way both will convert to 0 or whatever you need.



@M.Kierepka - great hack!

I had about a million NaN and Infinity formulas running through a number of modules due to a recovery formula trying to calculate without throughput (a few years in the future) - I just had to apply your trick formula to one line item in one module and it corrected the calculations throughout the model. Thanks for the tip!

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