Ability to have multiple sort dependencies

Ability to have multiple sort dependencies

A description of the enhancement requested:
Hierarchy multi-factor sort - allow admins to easily set complex / multi-factor sort within hierarchies (sort parent by A and child by B)

A story for why they want the enhancement (specifically how would it help their business process):
Pre-setting a complex sort saves users time and improves user experience


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Status changed to: Considered for Future Roadmap

This is an excellent idea and many fo my clients would liek this feature.

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It is important not only to sort, but also to be able to group the results in a multitude of measurements. In my country, most users are used to seeing the final elements from above. In Anaplan, it turns out that on single dimension tables, users see their usual results, but if several measurements are PIVOT, the order of the total changes and cannot be changed. This makes the experience very poor.

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I'd also add that the sort should also start working towards subsets. Say I have two line items: actuals (for all products) and forecast (for active products only). You currently can't sort both of them in the same module, because the sorting the subset leads to an error.