Add the Map Chart and Timeline Chart to New UX

Add the Map Chart and Timeline Chart to New UX

Please add the Map and Timeline charts to the New UX. These are existing pieces of functionality that should have been brought over to the New UX when it was released. It is being communicated by Anaplan's customer success partners that all functionality from Classic has been migrated to the New UX, but that is not the case.


My company is migrating its dashboards to the New UX, and not having these charts is posing a major roadblock.

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Exactly! Every existing chart should have been carried over which unfortunately was not the case

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The lack of timeline chart in itself means all of the project management apps are currently not running so well or cannot be migrated to The UX. 

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We are currently working on a timeline / Gantt chart for the UX. This should be available in the next 4-6 weeks. We will then follow up with map charts as well in H2.

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Providing the ability to plot the map chart using zip code/country would be greatly appreciated! This are Territory Planning and Sales Crediting (ICM) use cases.


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Map charts and Gantt chart are now both available in the UX.

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