Change Time Range start month from Jan (calendar years) to March/April (financial years).

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Change Time Range start month from Jan (calendar years) to March/April (financial years).

IDEA: Allow Time Ranges with Financial Years to be applied to Input / Output Modules - i.e change Jan commencement to Apr.


Within the Financial Services Industry, it is common that the format of Reports / Outputs, as well as Inputs, use the Financial year (e.g year ending 31st March).


To allow this functionality, the approach I have taken to-date is by adding two 'Financial Year' numbered lists; 1) F2 Financial Month, 2) F1 Financial Year. The display names of each 'Financial Year/Month' and mapping to Time Periods can then be driven by an Admin Input Module. 


In addition to this, to account for the loss of TIME dependent functions, the least time-consuming approach requires mapping 'Financial Month/Year' to Time Periods, Calculating within a TIME dimensioned module/line item, then map back to 'Financial Month/Year'. List item properties can also be added to 'Financial Year/Month' for PREVIOUS and NEXT list item.


All this is possible but adds additional complexity/staging to a model that may already be complex in nature - every little helps!



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