Changing of Text Color based on Accounting Rules, Conditional Formatting, or Combination

Changing of Text Color based on Accounting Rules, Conditional Formatting, or Combination

Description: As the title suggests, allow for accounting rules as a boolean check box for numbers, so that they are auto-formatted to meet specific guidelines (or a profile that a user creates) such as the text is red when negative with paratheses and black when positive without paratheses.

Alternatively, allowing for full customization of the colorization of content within the cells, using conditional formatting or as a hard selection for each cells.

Example of Enhancement: Depending on how it is implemented, that any accounting practices would immediately use the accounting rules 'profile' of options or would construct their rules to meet the expectations of a ledger. 

Benefits: Easily assign different profiles to cells, modules, and models that make specific job roles, such as an accountant have pre-formated ready to go reports in real time that are business ready to display to clients, leadership, and follow the expected rules of business. Ease of use/visual guiding and understanding can be gained from clearly distinguishing text colorization in addition to the current options avalible.

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What specific formatting options are missing today? You can set most formatting at Line item level.
Is the request for an easier faster way to apply the formatting, or for additional formatting options?

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Not the OP, but one highlighted already is changing negatives to display as red text with parenthesis. For example, ($10) vs. ($10), which is pretty common for financial outputs, budget vs. actuals, etc.

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Exactly what @JB11 has stated would be a huge improvement.

Additionally allowing for a wider range of colors versus just the pre-selected 4-5 colors (which don't even include all color combinations of them) in conditional formatting would be useful. So I can select in the 32-bit color wheel any 3 colors and Anaplan uses a linear change across the 3 colors to change as expected.

Allowing me to do things like black out cells unless it is negative, have a Red to Green (on 2 color) etc etc. 

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Changing colors, either for text or cell background can be very helpful. In case there are tens of fields in a single grid, fields could be bunched together and color coded - e.g. - All green ones belong to current values, red ones belong to past, orange ones are suggested values. This could make a huge grid much more readable. 

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@piyushjain Conditional formatting can be useful for your purposes.

Create a line item that you will hide. Name it CF XXX, Conditional Formatting XXX, CF - XXX etc. and make some = none OR to min/max so that you can colorize the summary rows in your table(s). Use a reference to identify if the values are current, past, and suggested, and create a formula (I suggest if then else) that is equal to the type of row/version you are looking at. Then proceed to a view that you want the changed background on, and adjust your conditional formatting to equal the values that you assigned to each version.

While yes, this is not optimal, it is a solution for the specific use case that you have identified.


This Idea, is more to make it so that Anaplan follows rules in different business use cases, is more aligned to the particular use case if you identify the model as a specific type of color theme/scheme, and not have to set up conditional formatting for each line, cell, etc.

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