Disable action button based on a line item

Disable action button based on a line item

It would be great if we could - based on a boolean line item for example - to disable an action button.

For example if an action should not be launched when missing some data a validation button would be displayed but disabled (shaded or greyed out).

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Another vote for this functionality, this would make actions/decisions more useful.

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This would be extremely helpful for users. It is a very standard and intuitive practice for users to have action buttons disabled until all inputs are valid. Currently, we show them validation warnings in a grid/card before they run the process. If the user still goes ahead and runs the process we fail it at the start. However, this can be quite annoying for users.




Thank you @cmaurice for this request.


I have a some action buttons to load files in modules and DCA modules to mark specific line items in these modules as read. When this done, I would like to make the action buttons disabled so that it would be much more visible and understandable for users, instead of a module displaying texts such as "Impossible to load now" for example.

Thank you