Grid-based Cards on Boards do not scale with monitor resolution changes

Grid-based Cards on Boards do not scale with monitor resolution changes

In the New UX, Cards on Boards snap to the resolution of the screen (i.e. they scale to resolution); however, if that Card holds a Grid then the Grid itself does not snap to the new resolution. After a quick troubleshoot, it is as if the font does not change size as a result of resolution change, so the grid within doesn’t scale down and must inherently remain the same size.


Therefore, if a grid card is designed on a 1080p monitor, when it is viewed on a 720p monitor, the card itself snaps, but the grid within remains the same size and the user must scroll within the card to view the whole grid.


This means that when there are multiple resolution potentials across the End User group (very prevalent at the minute with WFH due to COVID), 2 versions of the same dashboards must be built to maximise end-user experience.


Good spot!

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Surely there must be other users out there with this same issue. 


@Rebecca - do you have any insight on this? 

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I just noticed the same thing recently. When I switched from my monitors to my laptop, I had to start scrolling through grid cards that fit perfectly when I was viewing them on my monitors. Hopefully this can be resolved, as it will significantly impact end user experiences. 


Yeah, agreed Jon.


As a quick fix, scaling the browser down to 67% does work. Other than that, we're looking to duplicate dashboards where required to have a 1080p and 720p versions with a "if you are experiences resolution issues, please *click here*" type message.


Obviously, neither are true solutions and are not ideal.

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Yes my customer has it too, seems to be a screen resolution thing.....getting feedback that it occurs especially on extending surface pro to TV monitors

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This functionality would definitely improve the user experience for all users of Anaplan on the new UX!

I have seen many instances where a page has been set up to present the necessary information to various end-users, only for some of them having a less than ideal experience not only due to the various sizes of their screens, but the different types of browsers each user is working on as well.

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This functionality is must in the new UX. It creates lot of white spaces if we switch from laptop to monitors and also the column size is weird if we change it from the default.

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Agreed.  Hate doing things twice

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Any update on this topic, I also have a customer reporting the issue. Luckily in UAT but I am keen to learn what the status is.


Having issues with this as well. Does anyone know if there is guidance on the optimal screen resolution for the NUX? Ie: if viewing on a laptop; zoom to 67% or does it depend on how each board was designed?