Import users through a button published in the dashboard

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Import users through a button published in the dashboard

Hi Team,


It would be great if we can Import a list of users and updating their attributes through a button published in the dashboard.




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@SathyaM - maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to do, but if you are talking about updating the user list from a file or from data stored in a module by pressing a button, you can do that. The action can only be run by a user with administrator rights though (I've put in a request here to expand that).


There is a training course that talks about managing user access settings (roles and selective access) in a module and using import actions to update the user list. It's a good overview - I utilized a similar method for managing access across all of our models. This is the course, I believe:


If you want to import from a file, that is a little tricky but there is a specific set of steps you can follow to make it work. I'd recommend instead though that you load the data into a module first and then into the users list using the above method as you can avoid the workaround issue.