Line item (Cell) Comments

Line item (Cell) Comments

The ability to add a comment to a line item would be useful, so if we had a line item that was number format, the ability to add a comment  eg."increased due to promotion", it gives a narrative for the value in the line item.

I appreciate that line items are not fixed (as in Excel cell comments) but this would be a very useful feature, or if there was another way, without adding a comment line to the module, which takes more space and maybe 80% of the time would be empty.

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I agree. Especially for financial planning summary grids there's a need to display some comments as notes on the narrative behind the value, why it's changed since last time, what other assumptions are factored, etc. Just like the notes feature was added to the Settings end of Lists and Modules, a Notes functionality is needed on the user end. Perhaps function where a boolean is checked within the module to open up a new text field to become available for the intersection of the each of the module's line items and dimensions. The boolean would help control sparsity for where comments are not needed.

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