Link Card Templates to Pages

Link Card Templates to Pages

When you use a card template on a page and then update the Template you then have to change the card on each page where you have used the card template. What I would like to see is the option to link the deployed card template back to the master template. As an example I originally created an image card with a customer logo. As a change to the design I now want this logo to change based on a selection made by the user. This means I now need to go and edit each page where the original card is. If a dynamic link is not possible then perhaps a mass change for all instances of the card?

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Maybe give the option to Sync or Unsync the template card.

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Currently doing the training and thought the same thing.

Should be able to this for cards and pages with an option to autosync attributes from template.


You should be able to disable the sync at anytime.

Should have the option to save or to save and update dependant for template

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The ability to Sync cards back to templates is a good idea!

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Really great idea - and for page templates as well

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