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Locked model greys out Open button but not Copy/Delete buttons in Settings, Modules

Description of the enhancement required:
The behaviour in a locked model is odd, while in the model module screen, the open button is greyed out, the Copy and Delete button should be greyed out too since trying to use them will result in error saying the "Sorry, the model has been locked by another user". Misleading to allow the users to click on them and use and get an error.


An example of the enhancement:
Do not disable and grey out the Open button, on the other hand grey out the Copy and Delete buttons instead if the module is locked.

You could actually open the module from Line Items tab or Contents Panel so the greyed out Button serves no purpose.


A story for why they want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process):
If supposed the model contains hundreds of modules, it is easier to search by name and open.

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