NUX: App is hidden and inaccessible when all pages are inaccessible

NUX: App is hidden and inaccessible when all pages are inaccessible

When all pages under the App becomes inaccessible (for example, by archiving model), the App also becomes inaccessible and disappears from list of Apps.


There should be some indication to user the App is hidden otherwise:

- User may feel confused for App which suddenly disappeared

- User is not able to create App with same name


Also there should be a method to tell which models are linked to this App otherwise User will need to unarchive the model one by one.

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if you enter an app, press "manage this app" and choose "show models" you can see which models are linked to the app.


I agree though that the app should not be visible to users if they do not have access to it! +1

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In this scenario, there is no app button to click.


At current, if there is a single source model for the app and that source model is having a sleep (archived), the app itself doesn't even appear in the interface. It isn't so much an issue for production models as you don't typically archive them, but during development, there's a likelihood you'll temporarily archive a model and that's when this issue occurs.

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I would strongly recommend also giving the ability to see hidden pages.

When an App is made of different source models, and one of them is archived, the pages attached to the archived model will be removed from the App. Let's call those pages "archive pages".

The problem is you cannot re-use the "archive pages" names in the App, you will get a message "name already in use". It would be practical if we could see the hidden pages "archive pages" so that we can delete them when we want to re-use the names.

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This thread needs more attention. You can still recover the app if you can find the archived model, but if the model is deleted, the app is gone forever.

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This thread needs WAY MORE ATTENTION.  I have just experienced this and am hoping that Anaplan Support will be able to restore the workspace in question from 24 hours ago. 


Yesterday, I refreshed Dev and Test models from Prod and didn't think I had any actual need to keep the previous versions (which were only about a week old anyway -- no in-model development, only App development).  I wrongly assumed that I would be able to simply remap the app to the new versions of the models.  Wow.