NUX - Create My Page from "Current Selection" in Worksheet

NUX - Create My Page from "Current Selection" in Worksheet

User Story: As an end user I want to save my current view in a worksheet as My Page to have it right away the next time I do a similar analysis.


I think this is something happening very often during some analysis, you open a worksheet with a default view and then pivot it around, filter on something or even use show and hide to analyse specific details of the module.

This may be a one-off thing, or you may find "Hey.. this is actually a great view. I want to keep it". Currently, the only way to do this is to save a personal copy, open edit, recreate all the settings and then save it.

Most users will probably think at this point "That's too much effort, let's hope I will never need the same view again...".

Respectively, it would be fantastic if such an option would be available on worksheets.

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Thanks for raising.  To add, would like this feature accessible to end users, so when they save a personal copy they can show/hide columns and then resave the view, as they wouldn't have page builder access and be able to leverage the edit mode customizations mentioned above.