NUX Filtering on axis with nested dimensions containing Line Items

NUX Filtering on axis with nested dimensions containing Line Items



I would like to be able to filter on an axis nested dimensions containing Line Items, as currently it is possible to be done on dashboards. 


I was currently rebuilding current dashboards in UX on pages. I bumped into following issue, I am not able to filter on an axis while a dimension is nested with Line Items, e.g. Time.


Let's take an example, I have module with Month, and in specific view, I only want to show FY. I want to make this dynamic, so when the year changes, my view is updated, therefore I use system module with time filters. While I am able to achieve it in classic interface, it is not possible to apply that filter in NUX. I can only select manually FY20 which is not the best solution. Please see pictures below.



Of course, I could pivot, and create different view, but this one works the best, and since it is available on dashboards, I believe that should be also possible in NUX.


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I agree. This should be allowed. This is another gap between classic and NewUX that I hope will be solved. 


My impression is this is a limitation as a consequence that the filters are not allowed on line-items in NewUX and maybe is related to this idea as well:



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I Support this Idea, i also need to use filter with nested collumns that contains line items, some times i cannot migrate some dashboards to the new ux because i am not able to filter line items.

I am able to create and save a view with the needed filters, but then i cannot format this view in the NUX

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Great news, this is now possible! 

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