NUX : Refresh filters (columns and rows) after data input

NUX : Refresh filters (columns and rows) after data input

When changing input values (inputing numbers, checking/unchecking boxes, ...) filters that have been applied on rows or columns (for grids and/or chart views) should be updated.


As of today, the user must refresh the whole screen after changing such inputs (mostly used for filtering).

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Master Anaplanner/Community Boss

it is funny because it works only in one way apparently. For instance:


1. If there is a list on a module (stores in a country)  filtered upon the selection made on a line item from a different module (country selector), when I enter a new value in country selector, the list of stores will update automatically. 



2. when I clear the input in the country selector, I need to manually trigger a refresh, even though the line item used for filter specifies that "if is blank then show all". 



Why do I have to trigger a manual refresh of the dashboard when I clear the "country" filter selection despite it is clearly specified in the line items used for filtering that a BLANK selection = show all? Why does it refresh automatically in the first case?