New UX: Ability to Hide Parents for Fields Drop-Downs

New UX: Ability to Hide Parents for Fields Drop-Downs

Hi Team,


Being a page builder it would be great to get ability to hide parents for list formatted Field card items and reflect the lowest level of the hierarchy only.

See an example, here we have 6 levels of hierarchy, for some cases, I would prefer to show the lowest level (L6) only to make it more readable and convenient for review.




Thank you!

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Hi @Katya,


Nice idea! I'd also need it in few places. In the meantime, there is a workaround to only show lowest level (using Dependent dropdown functionality):

1. On the lowest level (for you L6), add property to the list and set format as some non-production list (preferably some dummy, I usually use Organization).

2. Then, put there formula to only select one item from it:


3. Then you do the same in the module where your selector is placed: 


4. And the final step is to go into dropdown's settings, and select Dependent selection (it should automap settings, but if not, top and left options should be set to Single Item, and right one to "*name of your list* (ITEM)").


Hope it helps.