New UX - Landing page for NUX Apps

New UX - Landing page for NUX Apps

I would like to be able to set up Landing Page for App so that when different users enter the App, instead of Contents Section they will see Landing Page.


If will allow simplifying the navigation in the App in case it is full of pages.

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This would be a great addition - many customer use cases where a landing page would be preferential to a contents page, especially where you want to take an End User on a "journey" as was possible in Old UX.




I completelly agree with thi Idea

In the classic UX we had the Landing Dashboard option to provide a menu for end users, this options is not available in the NUX, my idea is that when users enter to an especific App, this opens automatically in a especific page, just like the landing dashboard works in the classic UX


Absolutely! this would change a lot the way users can appropriate the tool.

This is a great idea. I think going a step further and allowing the end users to customize their landing page would be a nice touch. 

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This will be a great feature just like what we have in the classic dashboard to lessen the navigation of users in the pages/boards of New UX.

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Completely agree - a great way to focus users' attention and customize their view by role when needed.