New UX: Let me save unfinished boards without requiring completion of all cards

When starting to build in New UX, I did what I normally do when designing designs, drawings or even musical ideas...rough out where I'm going in a sketch using basic placeholders then start filling in the pieces. 

In New UX I knew I wanted a handful of graphs here and there, text headlines etc. only to realize unless I have those ideas fully fleshed and backed by data, I am not allowed to save (publish) the board therefore I lost the entire board, all of the work done on it and a lot of time.  

This really throws a wet blanket on the thought of sketching out / developing new ideas in New UX.


Please allow dashboards to be saved as drafts without requiring all cards to be filled in

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Temporary workaround for this could be saving blank card templates that you can use as placeholders. There would probably need to be a way to organize templates though. Agree that this would be a great feature to add.

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The save/publish feature should be available at any given time during the Board design.

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