New UX: Make features in 'Board' and 'Worksheet' page layouts consistent or give blank page layout

New UX: Make features in 'Board' and 'Worksheet' page layouts consistent or give blank page layout

Hello Anaplanners, 

While I really like the option of choosing either a 'Board' or 'Worksheet' style for creating pages/ dashboards in the anaplan UX app, there are certain limitations that could be possibly enhanced. 

I have been leveraging new UX capabilities for multiple reporting purposes in my current project. The 'Additional Insights' on the right side of 'Worksheet' page layout is a clear winner. The idea of where we can click on each widget and it appears in the center or bottom of the page makes it quite intuitive. 

However, we do not have this 'click and appear' 'Additional Insights widget for 'Board'. One of my stakeholders wanted to see it for a 'Board', but 

Can we have this 'Additional Insights' capability for the 'Board' as well, make the features consistent?  

Or introducing a blank page layout, where I have option to customize it as per my need and add necessary features would be ideal too. Thoughts? 


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Would be particularly helpful if say you've got a filter table that you want the user to be able to bring over, change some items then send away without impacting on the overal feel of the board.


That would be great to have, I support this

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I agree, right now I'm adding a link to other relevant pages where I am housing the additional info, but it would be much cleaner if I could use the additional insights feature instead

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Yep.  In short can we dispense with the separation and just have one environment, one experience?

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All we do right now to overcome this is create a blank KPI with link to a worksheet where we can explore further.  Achieving the same thing but seems very unnecessary step.  A senior exec managing their world on KPI screen may like to know there is some more 'related info'.  The side bar would deliver that.

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I would also like to have access to "Quick links" and "Additional Insights" for the board type pages.


I see more challenging for the "Addition Inshigts" where the "card" should open in a "Board type" page... maybe opening a new small window that the user can move around in order to be able to see the cards from the board type pages? 

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Agreed, it would be great to have the insights panel for Board pages as well!

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Would love to see this feature!

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This would be great to have, it would also be nice for worksheet to have the ability to enter comment like board.